Duh: Underworld 4Duh: Underworld Vol. 4 (out of print)
Featuring a healthy dose of cigarette smoking cats, cute little saccharin-cuddly creatures, grim reapers, media-damaged kids, and more — all destined for a sardonic smashing in typically-acerbic Kaz fashion. 96 pages

Underworld Vol. 1: Cruel and Unusual Comics
Underworld Vol. 1: Cruel and Unusual Comics(out of print)
Kaz Kaz, known and loved by readers of alternative weeklies across the nation, finally can be appreciated by those unlucky enough to have missed him before! This collection reprints the first year-and-a-half of his urban gallows humor.

Sidetrack CitySidetrack City (out of print)
Kaz A handsome collection reprinting a decade of Underworld creator Kaz’s best work from Heavy Metal, National Lampoon, Details, etc., including the creepy epic “Sidetrack City.” With a snappy two-color section!

Snake Eyes #2Snake Eyes #2 (out of print)
Various Artists R. Sikoryak, Doug Allen, Mark Beyer, Julie Doucet, Glenn Head, Kristine Kryttre, Gary Leib, Mark Newgarden, Mack White, Jonathon Rosen, Joe Coleman, a double gatefold by David Sandlin, Kaz’s epic “Sidetrack City,” and more!

Ink Punk: Underworld Vol. 3Ink Punk: Underworld Vol. 3 (out of print)
Kaz Underworld resembles a classic comic strip, but upon closer inspection, it’s every bit as warped, biting, and hilarious as today’s jaded audiences demand. Woeful whimsy and vicious pathos have never been so goddamned funny!

My Little Funny: Underworld Vol. 5My Little Funny: Underworld Vol. 5 (out of print)
Kaz Imagine Peanuts for manic-depressive perverts, or E.C. Segar on crystal meth, and you’ll know pretty much what to expect from this most recent collection of Kaz’s weekly comic strips. With 15 pages of lovely color strips!